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Primary School

Primary 4

Friday 27th March 2020

Morning P4

It’s Friday! Remember a half day of school today.

Firstly, I must apologise about my comment about the weather.  I must check the weather for the next day before I write about it.

I am going to call this Finishing off Friday.  

Look back on all the tasks that have been suggested by myself or Mrs Johnstone and if there are any that you haven’t got around to doing yet give a few of them a try.

If you are looking for something else to do. You could make a card or write a letter to someone telling them all about your first week of home schooling.  Think about who you would give your message to.  It could be someone in the class, an elderly neighbour or a friend of your family.  You could post it through their letterbox when you are out having your daily exercise. 

I have just about recovered from doing P.E. with Joe Wicks.  I now know how unfit I am!  I provided lots of laughs for my girls who found it hilarious watching their Mum attempt a sit up/crunch.

Keep your photos coming.  I am really enjoying seeing what you have been up to.

Euan has made a great poster advertising his Roman bath house. I like the idea of having VERY clean water and the very big palaesta would be great for starting my fitness programme.

Millie has been very busy.  She has been for bike rides and has made her visual timetable to keep her organised.  Well done Millie.

Jamie and Skye have been very busy too!  That cake looks Yummy!  That is a HUGE marble run!

Euan has been chilling out doing some yoga and working at his desk.  Glad to see your pencil sharpner still has pride of place on your desk.

Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Baker

Thursday 26th March 2020

Morning P4

I can’t believe it is Thursday!  Our first week of home Learning is nearly finished.  I am so glad the weather is nice so you can go out in the fresh air for a little play or a short walk.  

Keep sending me your photos of what you have been up to.

Emily has been busy reading in her quiet retreat.  It looks very comfy!

Sophia has been busy painting a rainbow, making her visual time table and concentrating very hard on her numbers. Well done Sophia.

Skye has been painting rocks with positive cheery messages on them and is using her visual timetable to help plan her day.  Well organised planning Skye.

A few tasks to keep you busy today?

P.E. – Have you tried P.E. with Joe Wicks?’  I am giving it a try today.  Why don’t you join me!  It’s on at 9.00 am.  I will let you know how I get on tomorrow.


Play the Count Down game on your Maths grid.

Continue to work on learning your time table facts.  Select a times table to work on.  Use some of the ideas that we had on the times table shelf.   

Play more Sumdog.  There is a section to practise your time tables.


If you haven’t been keeping a daily diary then today would be a good time to write about the first week of home schooling.  Remember to include how you feel.  See literacy grid for ideas.

Spelling – Continue practising the words on your spelling stick. 3 at a time.

Book review – There is a blank book review in your pack.  Write about your favourite book.


Have a look at the Cosmic Kids yoga website and pick a story.  Alayna and Carys tried out the Minecraft one yesterday.  They kept falling over and bumping into each other and spent more time giggling than listening to the story. It felt like I was back in class with all of you!

Have a great day!

Mrs Baker and Mrs Maitland

Wednesday 25th March 2020

Good Morning P4

How are things going?  It has been a quiet few days.  I don’t believe I am going to say this, but I really miss all your chatter, especially first thing in the morning.

Remember to Check in using your Zones of Regulation chart. 

It has been great to see all your “quiet” retreats being made and used.  Have you made your visual timetable yet?  We have one in Baker Primary School and at the end of each school day the girls set out what they are going to do the following day (with a little guidance from me or they would be doing art, choosing or playing outside all day!)  

Emily has made her visual timetable.  She is all set for today. Well done Emily.

A few things to keep you busy today!


Log into Sumdog and play some games.  It has been brought to my attention that the sums are very easy to begin with.  This because you haven’t been using Sumdog very often at home or in school.  The more you play the harder the sums will become.  After Easter I will set some teacher challenges for you to complete.  

Continue with your chimney sum/monster booklets or if you fancy a wee change complete a page or two in either the SHM book (Zebra on the front) or Total numeracy book.   

Extra – Prepare the number cards you will need for the Count Down game on your maths grid.


Spelling – Spend no more than 15 minutes completing a spelling task using the words on your spelling stick. 3 words at a time.

Writing/History – Design a poster to advertise the opening of a new bath house.  See Literacy grid

Reading – Remember to read a little each day.

STEM Challenge  

Make a marble run using recycling, scrap paper, Lego or items about the house.  The marble must travel for 6 seconds.  If you don’t have a marble use a small ball.  Plan, build and improve your design.  Draw your finished design.  Remember to send a photo too.  

Enjoy your day.

Mrs Baker and Mrs Maitland

Tuesday 24th March 2020

Hi Primary 4

Hope your first day went well. My day felt a bit different from normal but still enjoyable and fun. 

My big girl Alayna was late for school this morning and her excuse was that she was getting her pencil case!  This reminded me of all the times P4 ask to go and get something in the morning from the cloakroom because they forgot to bring it in from their bag!  

I really liked the pictures you have been sending of all the things you have been doing.  I must try out P.E with Joe Wicks in the mornings.  Your “quiet retreats” look fabulous.  Have you got your rainbow in the window yet? My girls (Alayna and Carys) have painted their rainbows and they are in the window ready to be spotted. 

A few tasks for you to try today:

Make a visual timetable to help you order your day.  Think of all the subjects you do. Don’t forget break, lunch and calm time.  Make little cards with each subject and a drawing on them.  Use these to plan your day and keep you on track.

Continue with your maths booklets either the chimney sums or the book with the monsters on the front.  Have a little explore of the Topmarks Maths website.

Try another reading challenge from your grid and do some handwriting practise.   Write about your first day of home school.

Remember to read each day.  This could be your reading book or a book of your own.

Send pictures of all the things you are doing.

Have fun!

Mrs Baker

Monday 23rd March 2020

Morning Primary 4

How are we all this morning? I hope nobody is still in their pyjamas!

A few suggestions on where to start off today.

For Literacy you could start with a spelling test, first 25 words, make a spelling stick and add your words to it and do a spelling activity from the spelling grid.

Next you could do a reading challenge from your grid.

For Maths, a page/s from the chimney sum booklet and then quick times table facts from the maths grid.

Then you could make a rainbow picture to display in your window for people to spot on their walks.

Think about where and what you need to set up a quiet retreat area. (see Literacy grid for use).


“Start where you are.  Use what you have.  Do what you can.” Arthur Ashe

Have Fun!

Mrs Baker and Mrs Maitland