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Primary School

Primary 2

Friday 27th March 2020

Good evening everyone.

I hope that you’ve had a good day again today. As promised, here is a longer reply this evening with a round-up of some more of our learning.

Yesterday, I asked you, on behalf of Freddy, if you were able to help him out. Lots of people did so and that’s just great. He says thanks very much for your help… now he sees exactly where he went wrong!

Here is a selection of some of your efforts to help. As we can see, you have shown Freddy that he forgot to compensate by subtracting 1 after adding 20. On the second problem, Freddy incorrectly added 10 onto 36 to get 45. It should have been 46. Well done to those who spotted these mistakes. Freddy is really pleased!

Here is what Freddy is doing now:

Maintenant, Freddy mange une pommes rouge.

Can you work out what it is? Look at the picture below to help!

Here are some more of your dragon toys. Well done!

Here’s Kayden working hard on his handwriting and showing off his rainbow picture for the window. I also saw some excellent maths Kayden. Well done, keep up the good work!

Tom has been hard at work on his timetable. Well done on your writing Tom. That sounds like a brilliant bike ride. I wonder where you saw a woolly llama? Nice use of adjectives.

And here we can see Olivia holding one of her beautiful guinea pigs. Guess what it’s called!? I’ll give you a few clues… 1) it ends with the -dge sound… 2) it’s a very sweet treat… 3) it’s light brown in colour. Let me know when you’ve worked it out.

Well done also to Lola who has been working hard on the computer. I’ll look forward to seeing more of that next week. Keep up the good work.

Finally, for today, Bertram has completed the research by finding a photo of himself actually playing with one of these old toys. It looks like brilliant fun Bertie! I won’t say much more about it for now, to give others a chance to do their own research. Thanks for sharing though.

And that’s this week’s round-up. You should all be very proud of the work you have put in this week. I certainly am. I’m already looking forward to what next week brings!

Here is one last little thing that you could try at bed time. If you’d like to, and if you’re allowed to, choose one of these free audio books from Audible. I look forward to hearing what you chose.

Have a super weekend Primary 2 and I’ll speak to you on Monday. Take care.

Mr McHarg

Good morning Primary 2!

I hope you all had a nice day yesterday again. Apologies we’re a little later to get a message posted this morning. Freddy has been particularly delighted by your outstanding responses to his maths work. I will share lots of photos and a round-up of our learning from yesterday a little later today.

A little Social Studies challenge for you to try out for Monday if you get time. Social Studies is all about learning about people in different times and places in the world. This challenge involves asking grandparents (if you’re able to do so remotely using technology) what this old toy (below) was called and how it was used. Let me know what you find out!

That’s all for now Primary 2. Take care and have a nice morning.

Mr McHarg

Thursday 26th March 2020

Good morning everyone! I hope that you have had lots of sleep after such a busy day again yesterday. You’ve been working super hard. Keep it up!

I spent lots of time teaching Freddy yesterday. We spent a while talking about maths; firstly because it’s important but mainly just because we like it so much. Freddy thinks it’s very funny that lots of people have been buying lots of toilet paper. We wondered how long it would all last. Then we found a great tool that helps to work it out. You need to count how many toilet rolls you have and how many visits your family makes per day. Then enter these numbers into the How Much Toilet Paper Calculator. Try it yourself!

Once this extremely important discussion was over, Freddy and I got down to talking about some more serious maths! Here he is, sitting on the worktop ready to get started.

After a while, Freddy went to work. You can see his attempts below. He did really well overall… he got 8 out of 10 correct. Unfortunately that means he also got 2 of them wrong! He was a little bit upset at first, but then he remembered that it’s okay to make mistakes since we can learn lots from our mistakes. He asked me if I could help him to fix these but I was already doing other work by then, so I told him that the Primary 2 children might be able to help instead. He thinks that’s a great idea, and can’t wait to see what you say!

Can you see where he went wrong? Please send over your feedback for Freddy as he’s super excited to get some replies so he can fix his errors.

And now onto some of your maths work. Can you see Sam in deep thought on his whiteboard? I can also see that his big brother, Ben, was also working hard too! Well done boys!

Darcey typed up her maths answers on the MacBook Air. Do you know, if you told your computer to do sums like those and then pressed the start button; after 30 seconds of running it would have done so many sums that you would run out of paper trying to print them all off. And that’s even if you used all your toilet paper too! Computers are very very very fast at doing maths.

Bethany and Dylan also worked hard on their maths problems. Excellent use of the Empty Number Line (ENL) strategies. You can see Counting in Tens and Ones and Compensating on the left whiteboard. Great job!

Here are some more photos of your learning from yesterday. I couldn’t post all of your super photos up because you’re working so hard and there are so many, but do keep sending and I’ll try to include as many as I can.

Joshua has been working hard on a range of learning tasks. You look like you’re using that 100-square really carefully Joshua. Beautiful handwriting too… well done and keep up the hard work!

Well done also to James who has written a really interesting sentence. It sounds like something from Manfred the Baddie by John Fardell. If you haven’t read that story James then check it out on the internet. It’s a brilliant book with lots of cool machines in it. I think that you would really like the machines that Manfred uses, a bit like your go-kart.

Well done also to Hiranya for showing off her super dance moves. I’m sure it was really hard work but you’re making it seem quite easy. A testament to your skills. Well done!

That’s me for now Primary 2. Don’t forget to send over feedback to help Freddy!

Have another lovely day today and I’ll be in touch again soon.

Mr McHarg

Wednesday 25th March 2020

Good morning, me again!

It looks like you had a really busy day yesterday Primary 2. It has been super to see all the hard work you have been putting into your school work. I hope you’ve all been behaving too! Keep up the fantastic effort.

Have a look at Mila’s rainbow below. Good work Mila!

I have a nice challenge for you to try today, using your rainbow pictures. I wonder who can learn this little French song L’arc en ciel. It means Rainbow in English. You should already know some of the colours, and you might want to just start by singing the chorus (see below). The colours are there, and the second part means: I know the colours; all the colours; of my rainbow. Listen carefully to the YouTube video for the pronunciation.

Rouge et orange et jaune et vert; bleu, violet, rose. Je connais les coleurs; toutes les coleurs; de mon arc en ciel.

Continue with your learning plans for maths and literacy. I’d love to see some of your writing and some of your maths work in particular. Remember that if you’re struggling then just get in touch and I will help you. Similarly, if you’d like a bigger challenge then let me know that too!

It’s my pleasure to share some of your learning from Day Two of our home learning adventure!

Well done to Bertram for his excellent writing. You have included lots of really good adjectives: scruffy, green, delicious. Good job! Imagine if we turned the colour of whatever we ate!

Bethany and Dylan have also been hard at work with their writing. These sentences all have the correct punctuation and spelling, well done!

Well done also to those who showed their maths work. It was good to see you using the best strategy for the questions on your Empty Number Lines. I’ll share some of these in tomorrow’s post. Remember to keep challenging yourselves and keep practising.

Finally, well done to Bertram, Wilfred and Anja for managing to complete the home-made toy challenge. Look at what they achieved below. I love the dragons and I hope that they are fun to play with. Keep up the good work.

Have another exciting day today boys and girls and I will look forward to seeing more of your work soon. Remember to keep being kind to everyone at home. Take care for now!

Mr McHarg

Tuesday 24th March 2020

Good morning everyone!

I hope you all had a really fun and busy day of learning yesterday. I managed to get out for a walk around Currie and I saw lots of excellent rainbows. Well done if you managed to make one, and don’t worry if you didn’t… I’ll be getting back out for a run soon and I’ll look out for some new rainbows when I do. Ben did a particularly good job. Here he is making his rainbow, which is now proudly displayed to all passers-by outside his house.

We are very proud of the effort that you have all been putting in, and it is my pleasure to share some of that learning from today. Don’t worry if I don’t share your photos on this occasion though, since there will be plenty of opportunities in the coming days and weeks. Please keep emailing over your hard work.

Really well done to Sophie and Olivia for getting some dancing in first thing in the morning. Dancing is a really fun and healthy activity. I wonder who else can show off their brilliant dancing today?

Well done also to Anja, Robyn, Kayden and Darcey for their hard work. That is excellent Maths and English work from you all, well done!

Really well done to those who managed to get timetables up and running. This is a really good way to structure your day and keep you busy. I received a few of these… here’s Meghan’s one.

Today, please keep working away at your maths and literacy work packs. Do you know, if you spend just 40 minutes a day working on these areas, not including weekends, then you will have spent a bit over ten thousand minutes by the end of a year! That’s a lot of time!

In the past, children often had to make their own toys to play with. Here is a little toy challenge for you. I hope that you have the supplies at home to make one, but if you don’t then you can always use your imagination to do something with what you’ve got. See the pictures below to help you, and remember not to worry if you don’t get a chance to do this, it’s optional for a bit of fun!

I hope that you have another nice day and I will very much look forward to hearing from you all again soon.

Mr McHarg

Monday 23rd March 2020

Good morning everyone!

I hope that you have all had a nice weekend in the beautiful sunshine. I hope you were especially good to your mummy yesterday for Mother’s Day too!

I had a busy weekend as well. I read a book about World War II evacuees. Back then, thousands of children were sent away from big cities to live in the countryside. Like you, they suddenly found life to be very different for a while. It was a very fun and exciting adventure for some of them, but for others it was quite scary. When things change suddenly it can make us uneasy, but we will all get used to it in time. And I think that this will be a very fun new adventure in learning. Henry agrees!

Your learning packs contain lots of numeracy and literacy activities to get you started, and a little plan to help the adults too. Try to do a little bit of reading and a little bit of maths each day this week. Try your very best and send over photos of your best work if you would like to.

It would also be really nice if you made a rainbow picture and put it on a window at the front of your house. Then, when you are out for a walk, you can count all the rainbows you spot! Henry plans to do this too when he gets back from Brazil.

Have a super day today and I will look forward to hearing all about it soon!

Mr McHarg